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SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard Free Download

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Improve your device's keyboard


SwiftKey Keyboard is a virtual keyboard that you can install on your Android device that will help you to write much better thanks to its precise options and its accurate word prediction ability. This software to download is very customizable with free different available themes, which learns over time and with every message you send.

The use of smartphones has changed the uses of keyboards, since now it is not that strange to see spelling mistakes or inaccurate predictions from the default dictionaries that are included with your device. SwiftKey Keyboard enhances the way you can write with the different options it offers such as switching between different languages and keyboards with a single gesture on your touchscreen. Its exceptional functionality allows it to learn from your writing style in real-time , making it easier to predict the words you use to avoid misspellings.

Its exceptional functionality allows it to learn from your writing style in real-time, making it easier to predict the words you use to avoid misspellings

The user experience from the default keyboards may be different once you download and install SwiftKey Keyboard on your smartphone. The first few times it may not be as accurate as could be expected, but this can be solved if you synchronize the keyboard with other services you use, like Facebook chat, Twitter or even your Gmail service. This way, the application can analyze the words you use and interpret your style, offering a vocabulary prediction that can be amazing - even similar to mind-reading.

Change your style

This virtual keyword works just like many others tapping on the letters, and additionally you have an effortless mode available, which is to swipe. With this flowing mode, you won’t have to tap on your keyboard anymore since it detects the movement of your finger. If you stop on a letter, the utility will interpret it as a tap. This way you can write whole texts without lifting your finger from the touchscreen. If you misspell a word, with its autocorrect option and its next-word prediction the device will get it right.

SwiftKey Keyboard can be greatly personalized, not only with its visual themes but also in terms of usability. You can change the size of the virtual keyboard to adapt it to your fingers, select a different language for your vocabulary and even different letters sets for Cyrillic, Chinese and other non-Latin-based languages. There is an option for switching between the sets and languages you have selected by swiping on the space key.

If you are interested on your statistics, SwiftKey Keyboard offers a section for the number of words-predicted taps that have been saved and the overall efficiency and performance since you have installed it. It includes a map in the settings menu with the tap areas you use, which helps it to correct misspellings and general mistakes when it comes to writing.

Configure your own style
Configure your own style

SwiftKey Keyboard Features

Learn about the main features of SwiftKey Keyboard for Android:

  • Additional keyboard for your mobile device that interprets your writing style, analyzing the words you use the most
  • Several robust visual themes and sizes to adapt the software your way to make it more comfortable than the default one
  • Supports over 60 different languages downloading default dictionaries from the Internet
  • Write without lifting your finger with its swipe mode, letting your fingers flow over the letters
  • Different word inputs you can configure, from Facebook messages, Twitter, RSS feeds, SMS and even your Gmail account
  • Direct access to other languages and keyboards with a simple touch to the screen
  • Intelligently predicts the next word you are going to use by analyzing your writing model learning from your messages
  • The service is very secure with an encrypted data transfer that allows for getting information from your personal accounts without privacy issues

For more information about the utility, feel free to check the official website.

System Requirements

Check out the minimum specifications for SwiftKey Keyboard:

  • OS: Android 2.2 or later
  • Free Space: 16.6 MB

free download


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